Quilting Patterns

Are you about to start your next quilting project and are looking for a great pattern to use? 

Quiltique are New Zealand agents for Dave Hudson patterns, the full range of which can be seen at The Pattern Man website. We stock a hundred or so the more popular designs. If you see something you like please ask us first. Our prices are: $15 for patterns in the 2"-7" range, $20 for patterns in the 8"- 12" range, and $25 for 13"+. Postage at cost. On our Links page there are URLs of the websites of just a few pattern designers.

Whether or not you have a computerised machine, the IntelliQuilter website has an amazing range of links to many pattern designer websites. Click here to access almost every conceivable pattern ever drawn in either digital or paper form. 

For those with computerised machines it is really easy to buy patterns. Just make your selections to the shopping cart, go through the checkout and the patterns will be e-mailed to you as attachments. Save these to a USB drive and download to your machine from there.

If you have a machine with a smaller throat-size, we have options for you. You must see the pattern packs by Keryn Emmerson and Meredith England. These are presented as packs of 20 - 30 loose A4 sheets which you are free to scale up or down and duplicate for your own use. Most of them contain valuable information on the topic - some of it extending to more than a dozen pages of tips, hints, and practice routines.

We stock the following packs - all at $25NZ plus local postage at cost.

  • 2-Easy 1 & 2-Easy 2
  • Pantograph Plus
  • Simply Sashes (2 inch to 4 inch patterns)
  • Sweet and Simple
  • Pretty Simple Pantographs  

We are proud to announce that Quiltique have been appointed NZ agents for Keryn Emerson printed patterns.
We can promptly supply any of the patterns listed below to NZ quilters at $25
NZ plus P&P. Patterns may be viewed on Keryn’s website 

Patterns Available:

Acanthus 7
acanthus 9
alloverheart 12
arabesque 6

baroquehearts 8
bellsbeach 6
bramble 7
bramble 8
button flower 5
button flower 7.5

celticscroll 6
celticscroll 8
China Grove 10
China Grove 11
China Grove 7
China Grove 8+
classic leaf 6
clover meadow
country garden 11
country garden 13
country garden 14
country garden 9

damask rose 13

erin 5
erin 7




featheration 10
featheration 11
featheration 12
featheration 14
featheration 9+
feathered shell 6+
featherme 10
featherme 6
featherme 9
featherspray 7
feattherspray 5
feattherspray 8
field of flowers 10
field of flowers 11
field of flowers 5
flourish 6
Forest Path 10
Forest Path 4
Forest Path 7
formalgarden 7
formalgarden 9
funky fdl
fuschia 12

gardenia 8
groundcover 11
groundcover 12

h&t 11 (here&there)
here&there 9


impbutterfly 7
impbutterfly 9
ivy garden 14

jacobean 10
japonica 7

kayesrose 10
kayesrose 8
kiss curls open

leaf carpet 6
Leaf Litter 12
Leaf Litter 8+
leafage 8
leaflet 4
leaflet 5
limetree 10
limetree 15
linkedhearts 5

mille fleur

oriental 12

palmbeach 5
pashmini 10
pearl bay
periwinkle 13
periwinkle 14
Petaluma 10
Petaluma 8


ramblerose 10
ramblerrose 12
ramblinghearts 10
ribbon rose 10
ribbon rose 11
ribbon rose 9

sorrel 9
square spiral 6
square spiral 7
sweetpea scramble

trailingferns 6

vanilla orchid 10+
vanilla orchid 15

whatever 5+









 Relax, have fun, and remember to bookmark this page as a resource when you’re looking for new patterns.