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Nolting Quilting Bee

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Not much space and quilt for the love of it?

Step up from your standard sewing machine to this purpose built sit down quilting machine, with lots more throat space.

This affordable little machine only needs approximately 1.5m x 1.5m space. It was developed in response to the needs of the modern day Quilter. Most of us just don’t have space for a longarm frame, but still want that large throat space. The Quilting Bee allows you to free motion quilt the large designs you always wanted to do.
  • Six times the sewing surface
  • Easy to operate
  • Space and time savings
  • Totally free motion Quilting
  • Large designs on large quilts
  • 16” x 8” of throat space for large quilts

Just some of the advantages of this machine over your standard sewing machines:

  • Your regular sewing machine should be used for the fine sewing for which it was designed.
  • Use the Quilting Bee for no feed dog, free motion quilting.
  • There is minimal maintenance, just four drops of oil for every 8 hours of sewing.
  • Separate bobbin winder eliminates wear and tear on your machine.
  • Hopping foot will go over many layers of fabric with ease.
  • Work area is directly lighted, no need to have ancillary lighting.
  • Less strain on your back, neck and wrists when working with large quilts.
  • “M” bobbin.